.NET Podcasts

2007, Aug 15    

The landscape of software development changes quickly and it is hard for developers to keep up. During my commute to and from work, I listen to a selection of podcasts that help me keep up with new technologies and where .NET development is going. They expose me to new technologies coming out of Microsoft, great open source projects and new ideas in software development.

I have listened to most of the development related podcasts, but over time I have deleted all those that don't deliver regularly or don't teach me new things. I am also biased toward audio only podcasts because I listen to them on my commute.

Hanselminutes - A weekly show that promises to not waste your time. Scott Hanselman and Carl Franklin discuss utilities, tools, programming languages, and how-to advise for .NET programmers.

.NET Rocks - This twice weekly show with Richard Campbel and Carl Franklin dives into the new technologies coming out of Microsoft, open source projects and everything .NET.

In addition to the .NET podcasts that I listen to, I also subscribe to several tech oriented podcasts that help me keep up with tech news.

Cranky Geeks - John C. Dvorak and a panel of cranks discuss the latest in technology.

this WEEK in TECH (TWiT) - Leo Laporte hosts a roundtable discussion on the latest tends in high tech.

Security Now - Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss the hot topics in security. Every developer should be aware of what is happening in security and how their programs are being exploited.

Diggnation - On the lighter side of tech, Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose discuss the weeks top stories on Digg.