Gas Mileage Android App

2013, Oct 16    

Gas MilieageGas Mileage calculates your vehicle's fuel economy using your trip odometer. Tracking your fuel usage helps you keep an eye on the health of your vehicle and see how changes to how you drive affects your mileage. Gas mileage is a simple application that does one thing and does it well.

Other mileage tracking calculators require you to add entries every time you fill up and if you forget, it is difficult to catch up. Gas Mileage is different, just remember to reset your trip odometer every time you fill up your tank and then add entries when you remember.


  • Enter and display values in any common unit
  • List of fill-ups are color coded based on the mileage
  • Supports as many vehicles as you like
  • Icons for each of your vehicles
  • Shows your best mileage, average mileage, worst mileage and the last mileage you entered
  • Easily edit, delete or update any of your fill-ups
  • Add notes to fill-ups and view them later

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