GitHub Visual Studio Extension

2014, Dec 03    

I just released an Alpha release of my Visual Studio extension for working with issues on GitHub.

It allows you to access and manage GitHub issues for repositories that you have commit access to. You can filter and view issues for a repository, edit issues, add comments and close issue. This is the first Alpha release, more features are coming.


The easiest way to download is by going to Tools | Extensions in Visual Studio and searching for the GitHub Extension. It is also available in the Visual Studio Gallery and in the GitHub Releases for the project.


  • To view a list of open issues, go to View | Other Windows | GitHub Issue List (Ctrl+W, Ctrl+G)
  • Log in to GitHub by clicking the logon icon at the upper right of the issue list window
  • Open the issue window by double clicking an issue in the list, or by going to View | Other Windows | GitHub Issue Window (Ctrl+W, Ctrl+H)
  • Add a new issue to the selected repository with the + button in the issue list, or from Tools | New Issue on GitHub (Ctrl+W, Ctrl+I)
  • Edit an issue with the edit button on the Issue window
  • Add comments to, or close and issue with the comment button on the issue window



Login Window


Issue List

Issue List

Issue Window

Issue Window